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Pipe Fittings
Our pipe fittings are the best and most innovatively propelled items used to interface polyethylene pipelines. The electrofusion strategy permits to essentially diminish the assembly time and the area expected to make the pipe connection.
Pipe Welding Solutions
Contingent upon the structure and make, our butt welding range can be equipped for accepting fittings as formed for direct soldering to the pipes. Our business provides a scope of the long nozzle and 'pupped' fittings for butt-combination frameworks to give the best adaptability.

The life cycle cost for our HDPE pipe range contrasts from different pipe materials on the grounds that the "reasonable water spillage" is zero as opposed to ordinary spillage rates of 10-z% for ductile iron as well as PVC material.
Heavy Duty PVC Pipe
Confinements on our heavy duty PVC pipe range use in developing applications would have negative monetary results as well as have more extensive social effects, for example, in the accessibility of reasonable lodging.
HDPE Sheets
Our corrugated plastic sheets are waterproof, in this way, making them a standout amongst the best materials utilized in the packing business. The unbending surface of our sheets makes them sheltered so that they can be utilized for concealing amid cataclysmic events, in structures and allied areas.

This CPVC pipe range is created to deal with the higher temperatures than normal PVC could not handle. It likewise is marginally more grounded than standard PVC. This range has numerous benefits over copper too. It is commonly a steady compound and will not erode as effectively as copper channels can.
The provided PVDF pipe range is an extreme designing thermoplastic. In addition, the special structure of exchanging difluoromethylene and methylene units along the chain make a polymer material possessing high crystallinity joined with a high extremity bringing about a sharp softening point.
Polypropylene Pipe
Our PP pipe range is the lightest weight material with great concoction opposition, even to numerous natural solvents. Furthermore, this range is utilized widely for central air applications. It is also accessible in numerous models for the customers to pick what is right for them.
PPH Pipe
Our business delivers quality PPH pipe range that is normally used to convey gaseous petrol, CNG, LPG, biogas and so forth. This range is produced under the bearing of master engineers with the utilization of value parts.
The provided MDPE pipe range has a great drop and shock resistance qualities. It additionally is less indent delicate than HDPE. Stress splitting safety is superior to that of HDPE. Our range is commonly utilized in gas channels and fittings, shrivel film, bundling film, and more areas.

Welding Services

We offer professional welding services for a variety of materials including steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Our experienced welders use the latest equipment to ensure high-quality, safe and efficient welding. Trust us to handle all your welding needs for both residential and commercial projects.